SHEMFORD Little Stars Ibrahimpatnam

Welcome to our happy little world of learning and joy at SHEMFORD Little Stars Ibrahimpatnam – one of the Top Preschools in Vijaywada, Krishna District in Andhra Pradesh

Our Goal
As a leading preschool in Vijaywada, our goal is to provide our young learners with a safe, secure and supportive environment that is essential for early learning and education. We want the little ones to imbibe values such as helping, sharing and caring for others, and nurture them into smart, well-rounded individuals. Our commitment towards our goal has allowed us to prepare children at our school for a bright future. At SHEMFORD Littlestars Ibrahimpatnam, one of the best schools in Vijaywada, our endeavour is to take children on a journey, which is enjoyable, enriching and rewarding.

Our Faculty
The teachers at our school are armed with effective and practical techniques which are best suited for teaching young children. They are driven by a passion to make a real difference in the lives of little ones. With traits like patience, dedication and creativity, our teachers create an environment of positive learning in the classrooms. Their genuine care and concern for the children helps build trust so that children can confide in them.

Pay Us a Visit
We, at SHEMFORD Littlestars Ibrahimpatnam, believe that a child who enters into the cheerful and colourful corridors of our schools is motivated to learn & explore everything that his/her curious young mind wishes to. By infusing love and care into every aspect of learning, we convert every day into wonderful learning experiences that lead to the all-round development of the child. Moreover, here the child is given immense happiness, complete freedom and the required guidance to grow and develop.
If you are looking for a top school for your child’s preschool admission in Vijaywada, choose SHEMFORD Littlestars Ibrahimpatnam. It is counted among the top preschools in Vijaywada, Krishna District.